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Lumberjack hackfest. 5
And we had yet another lovely meeting, this time organised as a lumberjack hackfest. Thanks all for joining: toyota, roof, mathilya, dancing_sheep, mattie, jeff, reacher, chevi, lorsch, threep, grey, and sotnoose. Also thanks to frigger for a friendly guest appearance at the end. Finally, thanks to reacher for suggesting the […]

Lumberjack hackfest: who lost least limbs?

No spillage nappy change swaggers.
And we had another great meeting, appropriately organised as a “no spillage” nappy change masterclass, to celebrate new life in the crew. Thanks to everyone for joining: chevi, mathilya, mattie, doozle, kassz, threep, reacher, jeff, lorsch, dr insane, grey, and meriandar! To start, we assembled at the playground in Vinewood […]

No spillage nappy change masterclass: a messy report

Trick or treat. 2
Last Thursday, we had another great crew event. Many thanks to everyone who joined to celebrate Halloween with the crew: sep, jeff, devil, roof, threep, vix, mattie, doozle, mathilya, reacher, chevi, and grey. We assembled in Ursula’s garden near El Gordo Lighthouse. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to come, but she […]

Trick or treat: scarefest party report