Trick or treat.

Trick or treat: scarefest party report 2

Last Thursday, we had another great crew event. Many thanks to everyone who joined to celebrate Halloween with the crew: sep, jeff, devil, roof, threep, vix, mattie, doozle, mathilya, reacher, chevi, and grey.

We assembled in Ursula’s garden near El Gordo Lighthouse. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to come, but she left some pumpkins in the garden for us. That created a pleasant, yet scary atmosphere. In the shadow of the night, a classic outfit vote contest followed. I managed to win it, in my ghost-in-stockings outfit with 6 votes, with sep, jeff and vix in close 2nd place. This earns these four players a swag of the week title. Congratulations!

Next, we roared through the streets of Blaine County and scared some rednecks with gang attacks. Our demeanor caused such magnificent fright that we managed to complete 4 of them in less than 10 minutes. We concluded that we had to show some mercy, and so we decided to jump to the playlist.

We started with Halloween stunt race, with a great jump through a pumpkin’s mouth. I won that race, ahead of reacher and mattie. Motor Wars game followed, in which devil managed to wipe out opponent team alone. In the next game, baseball deathmatch mattie and jeff appeared as best bashers, achieving most kills and best K/D ratio. We continued with Rockstar made halloween transform race. After many scary transformations (one including beast!) I won the race, just ahead of jeff.

Then, we battled in a classic contend capture with hearses. Reacher showed his mail carrier/killer skills with most cases delivered and most kills commited. Next up, a not-so-balanced versus mission with gunners and attackers. Mention to sep, for taking most kills. Another deathmatch followed, in dark labyrinth with slasher weapons. After an exciting battle, in which both teams managed to get same amount of points, chevi managed to be the bloodiest of us all, which awarded him “slasher of the week” title on discord. As a next to the last job, we rolled some balls vehicles in our classic bowling LTS. Props to one team for very effective strategy with escaping death platform by creeping on the runway. Finally, everyone’s favourite parachute jump followed, won by me ahead of jeff and mattie.

Because of weird scoring system, I received one extra point in parachute jump. That caused me to win the playlist with just one point ahead of jeff, while in 3rd place mattie and threep tied. Congratulations to everyone for participation and making it until the end!

As usual, livestream is on twitch as usual. Some of mattie’s photos are below. Enjoy!

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