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For our last crew party of 2017, we decided to celebrate the upcoming new year. Thanks to everyone who joined: Threep, Gloozy, Tosyalist, Chevi, Reacher, Sotnoose, Jeff, Toyota, Kassz, Deanne, Doozle, Lorsch, and myself. Special mention to Gloozy for his arrival after a lengthy period of inactivity; after a brief […]

New year party: a firework-ish report

New year!
2017 was a great year for us. Now it’s high time to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year. So, join the party this Friday, 21:00 CET. Obviously, pick your best party outfits and make sure to buy a full stock of fireworks and flare gun […]

New Year party this Friday

Last Wednesday mike, jeff, sotnoose, dr.insane, reacher, lernious, doozle, threep, and myself gathered together to celebrate upcoming Christmas. Unfortunately, there was no snow that day – maybe that was an effect of global warming? Who knows… The Christmas tree was there, on Legion Square, and it was the place where […]

Christmas party – can you feel the magic?

Last Thursday we had another crew party. This time, we celebrated Santa’s arrival and did our best to find ourselves on top of his naughty list. As usual, thanks to everyone who joined: lorsch, mattie, insane, jeff, mathilya, dancing_sheep, grey, reacher, sotnoose, deanne, threep, doozle, and lernious. We kicked off […]

Santa’s naughty list – who is on its top?

Christmas tree! 2
Like one year ago, Ethical Retinue is going to have a Christmas party! We are set for Wednesday, 20.12. Again, please prepare your Christmas-themed outfits and vehicles for classic voting contest. For meeting location, I suggest Legion Square – maybe a giant Christmas tree will be there already. For playlist, […]

Christmas party this Wednesday

We had another film-themed party, this time, we roleplayed and re-enacted the famous “Titanic” movie! As usual, thanks all for joining: kuro, jeff, doozle, mattie, lorsch, myst, mathilya, dancing_sheep, sotnoose, threep, reacher, dr.insane and armina. We started at Elysian Island docks, where our Titanic… euhm, tugboat set off. With big […]

Titanic party: a report from the cruise of our lives