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Crew activity survey: results and actions 9

Finally, the results for our survey are in! Before I present the results, I’d like to thank everyone who participated: roof, nop, reacher, sot, threep, lorsch, mathilya, mike, chevi, doozle, kuro, gloozy, kassz, and grey. Also special thanks to mathilya for drafting an initial summary of the survey.



  • Crew activities: you all love the crew events, but also heists, racing, and general freemode activities.
  • Although the crew events are working fine, many would like more diverse freemode events, such as car theft city. Setting these up requires a lot of work!
  • We play every day of the week, although Wed, Fri, and Sat are the most popular days. We mostly play between 7pm and 11pm, for about 2 to 3 hours.
  • We’re not hardcore money grinders.
  • We have a good balance of pacifists and gunslingers.
  • We prefer managed public sessions with friends, although we also like invite-only to a lesser extent. A majority can host a managed friendly public lobby. A narrow majority dislikes public sessions with randoms.

We love:

  • Contact missions, survivals.
  • Vehicle warehouses, bunker business, sourcing and selling, special CEO/biker missions.
  • Land and stunt races. About 5 to 6 minutes is the ideal length. Generally, we enjoy standard non-contact races with a good balance between corners and straights. A majority also prefers custom vehicles enabled. Supers, sports, sport classics, bikes, offroads, and compacts, are the most enjoyable vehicle classes.
  • Team deathmatches, and special deathmatches. Guns preferred. Ideally, medium to long-range combat, with slight preference for the latter.
  • Heists. Fleeca is most preferred, closely followed by Pacific, Humane, and Prison. Although some dislike Series A, a majority still enjoys it. We like elite runs and criminal masterminds. Most people can also enjoy first person runs.
  • Some folks also really love golfing.

We’re indifferent about:

  • Captures. Here, the ideal length is 10 minutes, and we pretty much enjoy all types of captures (although slightly split about raids).
  • Air and sea races. Sea races are the least popular.
  • GTA and rally races. Whether or not to enable traffic in races. The SUV class.

We’re split about:

  • Parachuting.
  • Crates, biker business, hangar business.
  • Muscles, bicycles, coupes, and sedans.
  • Standard all-against-all deathmatches. Length of deathmatches: some people want them shorter (5 minutes), whilst some want them longer (up to 15 minutes). Use of melee. Similarly, close range combat.
  • World record runs in heists.

We dislike:

  • Catch-up, slipstream, first person, and cops, during races. The utility class (even though those caddies are so cute!).
  • Explosives during deathmatches (darn, it’s the only thing I can aim with).


Clearly, crew events form a cornerstone activity. Consequently, work towards diversifying these would be great. For that however, I need your help! If you have great ideas, please feel encouraged to explore them. As an individual, this requires a huge amount of thinking and preparation. Probably, running something novel every week is too ambitious. However, as a group, I know we can do new things. In the past, mostly the same person sets up the doodle, the playlist, hosts the event, makes the pictures, and writes the blog post. Recently, more and more people have gotten involved, so let’s use that momentum to organize ourselves a bit better. For example, we can introduce a volunteering system in advance of each event, to increase the opportunities for everyone to get involved. I am also interested to hear your ideas.

A minor but perhaps important item that jumps out at me is the use of custom vehicles in races. Because I feel this creates unfairness, I leave these normally disabled. But perhaps we can make have the best of both worlds by agreeing in advance which sort of custom cars we are going to use, say for supers and sports. Thereby, we limit the cost for non-professional racers during crew events. Again, I am interested to hear what you have to say about this as well.

Otherwise, nothing else from the survey really jumps out at me. Undoubtedly, the information you have provided is very valuable for future crew activities, and for fostering the sort of activities that we enjoy as a crew. Thanks again to everyone for participating in the survey. If you have any further thoughts, please leave a comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Crew activity survey: results and actions

  • Roofstone

    Most here is pretty much as I predicted. I am surprised by the races however, we apparently prefer contact on as opposed to non-contact. The like ratio is bigger there. Did not expect that!

    Very interesting read.

  • mathilya

    There were a lot of discussion about custom cars. Races are specific – usually, there is more than 1 supreme car in the class. Briefly saying, there will be always some unfairness with enabling custom cars – not everyone owes a proper vehicle for each race. But, modified cars are easier to control and their owners know what to expect from their machines.

    I am missing opinions about LTSs – does that mean we have to get rid of our famous bowling game? 😛 But still, I think we can link them with deathmatch opinions. Based on these, we might look for some adversary modes which could satisfy everyone.

  • jeffrey

    The only thing that stands out to me is Fleeca?! I did not expect to see that so high. Really I have never heart someone in voice chat say: “Hey someone wants to do Fleeca with me?” And I never get invites for Fleeca either. I really think it’s odd people filled that in.