Thunderball party: the underwater adventure continues 4

This time, we are set for Tuesday 9pm CET for a thunderball party! As in the classic Bond film from 1965, we will visit the underwater treasures of San Andreas.

To prepare, please ensure that you have a scuba suit. You can buy this suit in any clothes shop in San Andreas: simply go to salesman and you can find it as one of the outfits. With this suit, you can stay underwater for infinite amount of time. Alternatively, if you do not like these new fancy outfits, you can take your submarine vessel. However, this is much more expensive, if you do not have one already! For gathering, we can meet either at the Marlowe Vineyards or below the Calafia train bridge for some mountain rafting. Next, we’ll dive into the deep blue and search for more underwater treasures.

If you have any further suggestions for activities, or suggested jobs for the playlist, please share them below. Finally, thanks to lorsch for suggesting the theme, and to everyone who completed a doodle. As always, looking forward to see everyone there!

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