Pilot race.

Pilot party: who were the top flying aces? 3

Mikemichael’s pilot party was a swooping success! First, thanks to all for joining: insane, lerni, lorsch, chev, reacher, mikemichael, hegg, mathilya, dieter, mattie, roof, jeff, and threep. However, very special thanks go to mikemichael for orchestrating the event, and for setting up a brilliant playlist. So, mike will be orchestrator of the week on discord. Also thanks to mathilya for helping with the voting contest. For helping with the pictures below, I owe thanks jeff, chev, and insane. Finally, thanks to roofstone for creating a video of craziest parts of the party, also shared below.

To start, we assembled at Los Santos International Airport in planes and helicopters of all sorts and sizes. As always, the cops knew. After failing to execute their illegal arrest, they showed off their inability to find the exit from Devin Weston’s hangar. Compassionately, mathilya showed them the way. We continued the party on the runway with an outfit and vehicle vote. Unsurprisingly, with the cutest tiniest plane of them all, mathilya won the vote. Consequently, mathilya will be swag of the week on discord.

Pilot group photo.

Next, a lot of silliness ensued, including butt-sniffing muggers (seriously!). Perhaps a new feature that came with the Doomsday DLC? For you to enjoy, roofstone kindly created a video with the nicest moments:

After some fun pilot formation flying, mike kicked off his playlist. First, we reached new heights in a death-defying run over Los Santos, where planes tried to knock out the runners. Impossible for runners, but oh so fun! To continue, we raced Mallard planes through the city between buildings and bridges, where jeff showed true skill and took the win in an exciting battle to the millisecond. A tricky parachute jump followed, this time won by roofstone.

Next, we fought above the city in a buzzard deathmatch, where mike amazed everyone with the best K/D ratio. Because the game trolled us with missed checkpoints, I somehow managed to take the win in a hydra race across the map. Following, we played angry birds, where roof led the team to the win, in an amazing run and evading skills second to none. To end, we had a traditional game of bowling.

The battle of aces was exciting, but in the end, roofstone was the best of the best, which earns roof player of the week on discord. Congratulations!

As usual, the livestream is on twitch. You can also enjoy the pictures below, kindly provided by jeff, chev, insane, and myself. I already look forward to our next event!

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