Thank you Nopitch 11

I’d like to express a huge thanks to nopitch for having served as commissioner for such a long time. Nopitch has supported Ethical Retinue in numerous ways, both in words and in actions. In the early days, when it became clear that we wanted to build something more serious, his help was instrumental. The memories of all the things we’ve done and all the time spent together will be cherished forever.

Nopitch’s achievements include recruiting some of our most prolific members. He helped setting up and designing the website. And of crucial importance, nopitch set up and configured our discord server, which has been instrumental to get everyone together and to provide a “home” for the crew. Indeed, there would be no discord for the crew without him. But above all, he set a true Ethical example for all. In doing so, he helped to shape the crew to what it is now. For all these achievements, we award nopitch a permanent Vigilante Emeritus role on the discord server.

But life moves on, and so do the things that we want to, or have to, spend our time on. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope to see you active in the crew again some day, maybe for GTA 6, or maybe even earlier – who knows! As always, if you ever can spare a moment to join us for one of the crew events, it will be a pleasure to see you around, for everyone.

Thank you so much!!!!!

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11 thoughts on “Thank you Nopitch

  • mathilya

    I remember back when I joined the crew, we used to play more contact races. And Nop was always the one who I managed to take out (ofc, by accident). And famous crew 2nd birthday and Nop’s amazing vocal performance of “Happy Birthday”. And many, many more great memories. Hope you’ll find some time to play with us again 😉

        • Nopitch

          I was kidding, but yeah I’ll try to come more often now that I’m free from any commitments :p. I would love that we etcl could play other games together tho

          • mattiejas Post author

            Great to hear that. 🙂 I’d love to expand more to other games, sadly there’s no other game like GTA where we can really get together in such a creative way. I’ll have a think about some initiatives, maybe organize occasional events around other games. Those who don’t play could potentially still join in with twitch or steam (although that’s less fun).

  • Roofstone

    Absolutely a credit to the crew. It was Nopitch that recruited me two years ago, when I had just started playing after moving on from console. And I cannot express my gratitude to him enough. Without Nop I never would have met this fine gang of misfits, and life would have been much duller indeed!

    Furthermore I can hardly think of one that has done more for the crew behind the scenes, without him we would barely have had a community at all.

    Thank you, Nopitch. For making Ethical Retinue ethical.

      • Gloozy

        These are great memories that come to mind when I remember knowing Nopitch, even before the crew was created. I also remember the night I told him about meeting a player named Mattiejas, an Englishman I met by chance after meeting a random heist. I asked him to join me with them. From this encounter, ETCL was born some time latersome time later. Crew that I joined a little later, and which remains among the best moments of my life as player. Thanks for all.