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Healthy living: did we get fit? 4

First of all a huge thanks to everyone that joined the healthy living event! Mike, Doozle, Mattie, Math, Vill3m, Reacher, Heggizen, and Sotnoose. However, I will not mince words and admit that I had massive trepidations for this event. Indeed, we had never done something like this before. But it was a smashing success! Also special thanks to Mathilya and Doozle for helping out with setting up the route.

To start, we assembled by the famous Juice Stand where we at the crack of dawn took off on our bikes. Ready to turn our lives around and become fitness gurus! After a quick stop at the closest vegetable stand, we came upon the winyard, where we took a lovely picture. Additionally, there we picked up our very own fire brigade stalkers, who would follow us for nearly an hour!

Moving on, we kept heading north on our bikes, enjoying chill music (the playlist can be found here) and each other’s company as we beheld nature and all her graces. As well as the business end of a few guns on the behest of The Lost MC club over at Stab City. But the less said about that unfortunate incident the better.

Heading North along the highway and later the offroads, we went past Paleto Bay for a quick pit stop and pee break. To our horror, the doors had been locked for the night. Consequently, poor Mathilya had to resort to using the local dumpster whilst Mattiejas hid in the bushes.

We then cracked on for a mountainous ride around Mount Gordo, where many a bike was lost down the hills. Next, we had a quick stop at Ursula’s house. However, after getting annoyed at Mathilya for firing rockets at her house, she sent a gang after us! It was then we forewent the playlist to continue biking around Los Santos. Following another quick stop to protest (and commit terrorism at) the local power plant, we visited an absolutely beautiful vista at the top of the oil fields, and we enjoyed the accommodations at muscle beach. Finally, we ended the event with a race up the hills above the Kortz center. Here, Mathilya took the win and became the fittest Player of The Week we’ve had so far! Congratulations to him.

As always, the livestream is on twitch. Thanks to everyone who joined our healthy living event. Naturally, I hope you enjoyed our healthiest and most relaxing event so far!

And finally, a huge thanks to Vill3m for providing a good amount of snaps! Indeed, high quality work. Much gratitude your way, my man!

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