Chinese new year: Kung Fu masters.

Chinese new year party this Friday 2

And once more, we’re on for a Chinese new year party, this Friday (tomorrow) at 9pm CET as usual. As usual, please bring your festive clothes, and prepare for strong drinks. For luck and for scaring away the bad demons, dress in your reddest red! To start, we’ll kick off the party with hotpot, dumplings, and dragon/lion dances at my apartment. To continue, we might watch the fireworks at the Pier and take a ride at the fun fair. Finally, we will have a playlist of your luckiest jobs!

A big thanks to all of you for completing the doodle, and to mathilya already for helping with suggesting and testing some jobs. If you still have well tested suggestions for the playlist, please send them my way. Also, if you have any extra ideas for freemode, feel encouraged to share them! As always, I already look forward to seeing you all there. Bai bai la!

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