Chinese new year in the shower.

Chinese new year: who tickled the dragon’s tail? 8

Once again, our Chinese new year party was a fun filled success! First of all, thanks to everyone for joining: threep, kassz, mattie, reacher, mathilya, hegg, insane, henf, vill3m, doozle, and special guests bear and iliquidator.

This time, we assembled at my shiny colorful Eclipse Towers penthouse. While waiting on the guests to arrive, we enjoyed Tracy’s antics in Fame or Shame on the telly. Once all arrived, I showed off my cross dresser’s dressing room. Because of recent renovations, we also measured the size of my shower. However, we then discovered that someone had stolen the crew teddy. Therefore, to drown our sorrow, wine and whiskey came to the rescue. Consequently, an outfit vote followed, brilliantly won by our cutest couple, hegg and mathilya! As usual, this earns them a swag of the week title. But to match the occasion, we renamed it to cutest couple of the week.

Then, we headed off to the pier for a ride in the roller coaster. Unsurprisingly, loving scenes from our couple ensued in the back. Whilst reacher checked for oil leaks on the underside, insane tried to be superman. So, due to numerous violations of the health and safety code (a ticket has been posted with rockstar about this, with video evidence), we had to move on to the playlist.

First, we had a super car race in downtown, where yours truly forgetfully left traffic enabled. Consequently, hilarious crashes ensued. Throughout, insane took an impressive lead, and won the race! To continue, we performed a few rounds of our traditional sumo derby. And, to celebrate, we blasted each other into oblivion in mattie’s rocket massacre at the Maze Bank.

Next, a game of football followed, where doozle managed to perform the best goal of the century. Unfortunately, in the wrong goal. Nevertheless, epic shot! Following next, we did a traditional game of electrified baseball battering. There, with a great performance, reacher took his team to the win. Next, a fun race in lawn mowers created by mathilya followed, impressively won by vill3m! Finally, after an exciting round of bowling, hegg won the playlist, with vill3m in very close 2nd place. Naturally, this earns hegg his first player of the week title! However, we felt that vill3m also deserved something. So, we awared him a recruit of the week title.

As usual, the livestream is on twitch, and you can also enjoy some pictures below. This time, extra thanks go to hegg and insane for providing a few additional snaps.

Once more, thanks again everyone for joining the Chinese new year party. As always, it was really fun, and I look forward to our next event!

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