Power of love!

Power of love: bring along your Valentine this Thursday! 2

And we’re on for the customary seasonal love party this Thursday at 9pm CET as usual! First of all, thanks to everyone for diligently completing the doodle. This time, we will assemble in couples (or triples for polygamists) at the lovely location of Mirror Park. Surely, the many discreet bushes around the water will come handy after watching a romantic sunset. However, we ask all participants please to respect the animals. In particular, please do not disturb the ducks! After an outfit vote on the loveliest couple of the week, we will go for a stroll along the beach and a group hug. Then we will head off into a love filled playlist.

As always, if you have any suggestions for activities or well tested playlist jobs, just leave me a message. I look forward to see everyone there!

Finally, remember that there will be another party this Sunday, around the Doomsday theme.

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