Doomsday is coming.

Doomsday Sunday: reckoning is coming! 2

And we’re on for yet another party this week: this Sunday will be doomsday, under the lead of orchestrator mathilya! This time, we will enjoy some activities around the latest Doomsday DLC.

To start, we will meet at mathilya’s facility for usual outfit voting contest in the planning room. We then split up in two teams, Team Lester, and Team 14, on both side of the room, for a group picture.

Next, we plan to have a convoy tour around some places connected with heist finales, in our doomsday vehicles. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, someone will need to man the guns anyway! Carnage with our deadly vehicles is sure to follow. On the airfield, we might split in teams and defend the runway from the police. Indeed, the police are sure to try to spoil our ill-fated barbecue. We will finish our tour with a climb to the top of Mount Chilliad for a parachute jump down the mountain.

If you have any further ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with mathilya! Finally, thanks to mattiejas for helping out with the featured image and schedule suggestions. I look forward to see everyone there!

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