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Power of love: who’s wettest dreams came true? 4

First, thanks all for joining our power of love fest! Once more, we had a good turnout: doozle, insane, mattie, kassz, reacher, mike, hegg, threep, jeff, grey, lerni, chevi, and a guest appearance by bear.

This time, we assembled at Mirror Park for a show of vehicles and outfits. Here, special mention to insane for being the trendsetter for hegg, reacher, and mattie. Also special mention to mike for acting as mathilya stand-in with matching outfit and all. However, with stunningly beautiful matching outfits and a lovely car, threep and doozle gained most votes. Of course, this awards them loveliest couple of the week title on discord!

After a group picture on the bridge over the lake, we headed out to the beach. Once we had messed around enough on the ski jump (in honour of mathilya), we started the playlist.

First of all, we raced madred’s off-road trophy truck race, and after a hefty battle, jeff took the win, just ahead of hegg and bear. Consequently, an avalanche followed. Undoubtedly powered by doozle’s love, threep showed amazing evasion skills, leading his team to the win. Next, we raced along mathilya’s Valentine track. Once again, jeff took the win with hegg and bear in 2nd and 3rd place.

Next, one more of madred’s deathmatches followed: a lover’s quarrel in the posher area of town. Amazingly, again jeff took his team to the lead, with no less than 24 kills and only 12 deaths. In rockstar’s heart-shaped bike race, lerni took the win, followed by doozle and chevi. However, very special mention to chevi for an amazing best lap time. To end, we had some bowling.

Eventually, the overall winner of the playlist was jeffrey, no less than 9 points ahead of the next spot. Therefore, this earns jeff a very well deserved title as player of the week! This time, hegg and bear tied in 2nd place, and doozle secured a 3rd place. Well done everyone!

As always, you can find some highlights below, and the livestream is on twitch. Finally, thanks to hegg for providing a few extra screenshots, that’s always appreciated!

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