Centenary party: celebrating 100 members this Thursday 1

As we have reached 100 members, we’re on for a centenary this Thursday (tomorrow as I write this)!

Back in the days, on 5 May of 2015, mattiejas came up with the crazy idea to create a nice and pleasant crew for players who enjoy positive, respectful, helpful, and above all, ethical gameplay in GTA Online. It was aptly and pretentiously called “Ethical Retinue”. The crew gradually grew, very slowly, but the growth kept on going steadily, and players kept sticking around, enjoying the idea. Soon, the crew became a small friendly family.

After a few months, nopitch, mattiejas, and snack discussed plans to create something bigger. Not to enlarge in numbers, but to enlarge in ambition. So, seven months after founding the crew, mattiejas and nopitch designed and launched the website. We created the forums, driven passionately by 83 at the time. Most importantly, we also introduced the crew events. Our first crew event was held on February 2nd 2016. If you are nostalgic you can still see it on twitch!

Now almost 32 months after the crew was created, we count no less than 100 members. I cannot think of a better reason to have a centenary celebration!

So, please prepare your green Ethical outfits and green Ethical cars (Vapid Retinue would be perfect, but something else is fine too) for the event. We can start at Eclipse Towers, as at this historic site, the very first crew party started. In our Vapid Retinues, we can have an impromptu race to Vespucci Beach. We’ll then move on to the yacht for celebratory drinks. To continue, we can have a little tour around various earlier crew event locations, such as the graffiti boat on the beach, the film studio, and Groove street. Finally, we will have a playlist with the crew’s favorite jobs.

If you have any suggestions for the playlist or for freemode, please drop me a message or leave your comment below. Thanks to everyone for completing a doodle, and I hope to see you all there! Also many thanks to mathilya for drafting a first version of this post.

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One thought on “Centenary party: celebrating 100 members this Thursday

  • HonkiPonkiTorino

    Hehe nice nostalgi there! Watching old recordings is always fun! :) I miss the old good days but having more friends on the crew will be more fun for sure.