Centenary hot tub party.

Centenary celebration: a blazing party! 2

Thanks all for joining our centenary celebration last Thursday! Amazingly, we truly had a record turnout, with threep, roof, mattie, musaei, hegg, nsoram, reacher, jeffrey, sotnoose, insane, kassz, vill3m, witt, lorsch, armin, mathilya, doozle, and from the olden days, nop and gloozy!

An Ethical Race & Epic Yacht Party

To begin, we assembled at Eclipse Towers for an impromptu race to the beach. Despite the chaotic start, a large crowd managed to get to the finish almost at the same time. However, the winner was threepwood, with extra brownie points for taking the win in a Vapid Retinue against some faster sports cars! Hence, a well deserved truly ethical win. Consequently, this earns threep a special Vapid Retinue of the week title on discord.

Per good tradition, we continued with a voting contest. Because we were so numerous, we spontaneously divided ourselves into couples. Unsurprisingly, the cops got wind of our plans. However, at least they had the decency to come in couples too. This time, the winners of the vote were hegg and reacher, with special mention to hegg for the ethical green face paint. Next, we continued to the yacht, where a wild party ensued. Due to intoxication or otherwise, men fell overboard, helicopters were misplaced, and fires had to be extinguished. With apologies, as any damage to property or body was purely accidental.

The Centenary Playlist

We continued with the playlist. Because we were with more than 16 players, a few jobs had to be removed, so it was a bit shorter than planned. However, no less fun! To kick off, we started with gloozy’s classic country trip. To get some air, we continued with a round of mattie’s angry pirates. Following jeff’s duel race, we ethically battered each other in kassz’s ultimate boxing fight. After kassz’s Liberator beach race, we ended with a classic game of bowling.

However, the winner of the centenary playlist were jeff and mathilya, with an impressive performance throughout, closely followed by witt and roofstone. Because doozle acted superbly as resident DJ during the party, he also earns a special title on discord. Note that mathilya disconnected during the playlist so his score of 165 wasn’t reflected in the final ranking.

Livestream and Pictures

For your enjoyment, the livestream is on twitch, and some pictures are below. Finally, thanks to witt, vill3m, hegg, insane, sotnoose, and mattie for providing the pictures. As always, I already look forward to our next party!

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