Hide and seek!

Hide and seek party tomorrow (Thursday) 5

I know, I know… it’s long overdue. The orchestrator was hiding in his work. So here we go: hide and seek! Here I come!

As usual at 9pm CET tomorrow we will have our hide and seek party. First, we will start with some VIP Executive Search action. Indeed, who can hide the longest? Next, we might do a quick outfit contest if people come up with something creative. (Yes, I’m looking at you roof, I expect something good!) Following the freemode event, we plan to end with a small playlist.

I wanna thank Lorsch for the suggestion on the executive search VIP work. Also thanks to Mathilya for taking the initiative to set up the doodle. Naturally, thanks all for filling that out! Finally, thanks to reacher, honki, and mattie for helping to test the playlist.

In conclusion, make sure to come out of hiding at 9pm, so we can kick off in the labyrinth at the Kortz Center. As always, I hope to see you all there!

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