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Truck fest! 4
Last Wednesday, the Ethical Retinue crew came together for some fun trucking themed activities. We gathered in Paleto Bay – a small American town some truck drivers consider the best place for stopping after long work days. Beauty Pageant The parking spot of Clucking Bell’s factory soon filled with all […]

Truck fest: who was the most adept lorry driver?

Truck fest! 3
Since the introduction of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC in 2016, GTA Online players have hauled and smuggled all kinds of illegal products around Los Santos, from alcohol and narcotics to jewelry and weapons. Now it’s time to take a break from your usual deliveries of white […]

Join the truck fest this Wednesday

State of emergency at Fort Zancudo.
Unfortunately, a state of emergency is in order once again. Due to totally incomprehensible reasons, the developer of our beloved game has once more banned a lot of innocent players. Our crew maintains a very strong policy in the crew against cheating and harassment. We have always strongly supported Rockstar’s […]

State of emergency this Thursday

Classic Claude picks up Misty at the hospital. 2
We are on for another party: as in 2016, we are going to recollect all those fond memories from previous Grand Theft Auto games. Please dress up as your favourite classic GTA character from one of the older GTA games. If you remember his/her vehicle, or any characteristic vehicle from […]

GTA classic party v2.0 this Tuesday

Hide and seek meet. 2
Even though my announcement was a bit late, we had a good turnout for our hide and seek: roof, p90, grey, honki, chevi, mathilya, lorsch, mike, dr.insane, reacher, threep and vill3m. Also, we had two newcomers: rakun, one of our newest members, and some princess robot bubblegum?! I hope that […]

Hide and seek party: ready or not, here I come!