Hide and seek meet.

Hide and seek party: ready or not, here I come! 2

Even though my announcement was a bit late, we had a good turnout for our hide and seek: roof, p90, grey, honki, chevi, mathilya, lorsch, mike, dr.insane, reacher, threep and vill3m. Also, we had two newcomers: rakun, one of our newest members, and some princess robot bubblegum?! I hope that was our last encounter, she was a bit strange. :P Thanks to everyone who came out of hiding to join the event.

We assembled near the labyrinth at the Kortz Center where we started off with a quick outfit contest. Grey and miss bubblegum got the most votes, good job guys!

We tried making a few snapshots while (as always) the cops got in our way. They probably got a missing person report. After that, we played a couple of rounds of VIP executive search. We divided into three teams: miss bubblegum, honki, threep and reacher – mike, mathilya, chevi and dr.insane – lorsch, vill3m, rakun and gray. The goal is for the CEO to hide and stay alive for 10 minutes in a specific area, all the while the CEO needs to keep moving. Somehow honki, threep and reacher managed to keep miss bubblegum alive the longest. So they deserve a “team of the week” title!

We finished the evening with a short playlist. Starting with an LTS in the construction site where some of us thought climbing on the cranes was a smart idea, just to find out skydiving without a parachute is not. Not that I could tell you that from personal experience. :|

Next we played a job we’ve done a few times before, Railroad Deathrun. Chevi managed to get to the end but walked off the platform falling to his death. We found out that Lorsch is a pretty good fireman in our all-time favorite: Boliche. Of course, I had to include that job. Next up we played a deathmatch with the only goal to smash each other’s brains out with a baseball bat. Unfortunately, the teams were a bit unbalanced. So on with another death run. This time, out of all of us, mike was the only one who made it to the end and managed to win the round. Congratulations mike, that was pretty impressive. Lastly, we played kassz’s newest creation. A bit of confusion arose about what to do in this job, but it was fun after all.

At the end of this heavy team-based playlist, the end scores were really close to each other. But chevi got the win with a 3 point lead on the rest. Congratulations chevi, for earning a well deserved “player of the week” title!

So now that’s all over, we can all go back and hide once more. But before we do, I need to tell you that you can watch the live stream here; and I need to thank mattie for delivering these snaps so quickly, thanks mate!

PS. Princess robot bubblegum was just mattie, so you know ;)

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