Classic Claude picks up Misty at the hospital.

GTA classic party v2.0 this Tuesday 2

We are on for another party: as in 2016, we are going to recollect all those fond memories from previous Grand Theft Auto games. Please dress up as your favourite classic GTA character from one of the older GTA games. If you remember his/her vehicle, or any characteristic vehicle from a past game which is included in GTA Online, make sure that you bring it as well! This time, we will assembly in the parking lot at Los Santos International Airport, as in every 3D era GTA game there was an airport. A classic outfit voting contest will surely take place. Then, we’ll take a trip around Los Santos to search for some Easter eggs and references to previous games.

At each stop along our journey, we will run a quiz. I will ask you couple of questions about each GTA game. Rules are as follows:

  • I’ll type a question on in-game text chat.
  • The person who types correct answer at in-game text chat as first, scores a point.
  • Please do not shout out the answer. The objective is to type it as first!
  • You can answer only once. So think well before you type!
  • For each game, there will be one extra question, worth 2 points, but with increased difficulty.
  • Whoever scores most points is the winner!
  • No points are lost for wrong answers. 😉

If you have any suggestions for freemode, e.g. places to visit, please share them below in comment or contact me via PM on Discord or Social Club. Finally, thanks to all who completed the doodle, to mattiejas for proofreading and providing header image and I look forward see you all there!

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