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GTA classic party v2.0: the nostalgia continues 3

Last Tuesday, after almost 17 years since the release of GTA III, we decided to recall some of the greatest memories connected with past classic GTA games. And so, Mike, Lorsch, Mattie, Heg, Vill3m, Sotnoose, Roof, Chevi, Threep and myself assembled at the most classic place in every GTA game: the airport.

To begin with, we kicked off with the usual outfit and car voting contest. Here, honorable mentions go to:

  • Mattie for becoming Sicilian mafia caporegime, Toni Cipriani.
  • Jeff for becoming club bodyguard, Luis Lopez.
  • Roof for dressing as explosives expert 8-ball.
  • Vill3m for making every male’s heart beat stronger, dressed as Mercedes Cortez.
  • Myself, for trying to look like Triada leader Wu Zi Mu (after a sex change).
  • And one elusive cop, who did his best to look like Frank Tenpenny.

This time, we had 4 winners: Roof, Vill3m, Mattie, and myself. However, we decided to grant the swag of the week title to Vill3m, for also creating some real swaggy jobs especially for the event, which will be discussed later.

Following the voting contest, we went on an epic journey around State of San Andreas to hunt for some Easter eggs. Indeed, it was really nice to find out that Rockstar is also very nostalgic. As we found out, they placed many references to previous games around Los Santos and Blaine County. And so, we found some beach towels saying I <3 VC, advertisements about prominent businesses from past games, murals with nostalgic content, and much more.

During every stop, we competed in a trivia about previous GTA games. There, Roof demonstrated amazing knowledge about all of the GTA series. Consequently, Roof won the contest with enormous advantage over other contestants. And so, that earns our commissioner a player of the week title on discord; congratulations! However, honorable mentions also go to Vill3m for a strong 2nd place, and to Mattie for being the closest to answer the hardest question in the trivia. Finally, we ended with a parachute jump from Mount Chilliad to Sotnoose’s yacht.

To end the party, we played two games created by Vill3m for the crew event. At first, we had a pleasant transform race reminiscent of The Driver mission from GTA Vice City. Following, we played Vill3m’s recreation of the sumo adversary mode. Undoubtedly, this made our meeting even more fun, so thanks to Vill3m for creating those jobs!

As can be seen here, make sure to check out the livestream. Additionally, you can enjoy some pictures below. A huge thanks to Mattie for providing them and proofreading the report!

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