State of emergency: a minute of silence

Again, we are in a state of emergency. For no reason, the developer of our beloved game once more banned some of our innocent crew members, and many more ethical players from other crews. Unfortunately, unlike last year, bans on legitimate players have not been reversed so far. So, Dr.Insane, Ville3m, Mattie, Mike, Threep, Grey, Roof, Reacher, Jeff, Meriandar, Hegg and myself came to mourn the banned souls.

In similar fashion to last time, we assembled at Hill Valley Church. Evidently, everyone dressed up appropriately to the situation. Here, honourable mention to Roof for taking “state of emergency” literally and dressing like a N.O.O.S.E. agent. Following Mattie’s emotional speech, we rode our hearses, accompanied by some Mambas, Reacher’s scary hearse and a riot van, to the cemetery in Rockford Hills. Once we took a good vantage point, we started a massive shootout with cops, to discharge our anger at Take-Two’s greedy chests. Eventually, the situation went out of control, and thus we jumped to the playlist.

This time, the playlist focused on jobs created by banned members. And so, we started with Doozle’s race, won by me ahead of Threep and Mike. Next, Doozle’s favourite rooftop deathmatch followed, in which me and Mike managed to get most kills. Then, we raced in a graveyard-to-graveyard transform race created by myself. Following an exciting battle, Reacher managed to cross the finish line as first, ahead of Mike and Grey. Hegg’s film studio team deathmatch followed, with lots of flare gun kills. Props to Jeff for burning/bashing most players.

As for the next game, we raced with offroad bikes, with many ridiculous crashes, and bumpy situations. I managed to win it, ahead of Roof and Reacher. Next up, we played Mattie’s RPG carnage deathmatch. In the middle of all that chaos, Roof finished with an amazing K/D ratio of 2.40. Our commissioner also won the following race, ahead of its creator (myself) and Dr.Insane. Finally, we played our famous bowling game, which as always abounded in many hilarious explosions and crashes.

I managed to win the playlist, ahead of Roof and Jeff. However, what’s more important, we decided to give swag of the week title on discord to every banned crew member. Quoting from Mattie’s speech:

We hope you will be back soon with us, resurrected from the lands of unfairly banned. Our dear thoughts are with you, friends!

The livestream is at the usual place, and so are the photos below. Enjoy!

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