Truck fest!

Truck fest: who was the most adept lorry driver? 4

Last Wednesday, the Ethical Retinue crew came together for some fun trucking themed activities. We gathered in Paleto Bay – a small American town some truck drivers consider the best place for stopping after long work days.

Beauty Pageant

The parking spot of Clucking Bell’s factory soon filled with all kinds of trucks from small Post OP vans to Phantom Wedges and MOCs. There we also had a nice output of cars from Doomsday Heist update and a trucker themed outfit contest – Paleto Bay Beauty Pageant – took place. Although Heggizen flashed his leopard textured underwear a couple of times, everyone dressed very nicely overall. I’m sure that clients would be pleased to see us with those uniforms while turning over the goods. And now drum rolls! Thanks to sleeveless shirt, which revealed his ripped and tattooed arms, the winner of the annual Paleto Bay beauty pageant is REACHER217! Congratulations!

Trailers and Dunes

After that it was time for the playlist. First, we gathered at Paleto beach for a fun capture mode that tested our trailer reversing skills. Before moving on, a few more Dune rally trucks were required for the upcoming races. For that we headed towards Port of Los Santos to steal some. It should have been a friendly competition about who could steal the most trucks but little did anyone know that the truck owners were still there, and even less did anyone know that they were heavily armed. Through the chaos we still managed to steal the Dunes and move on with the playlist.

Everyone loves Dunes, right? So, with that in mind I had created “Dunes FTW!!!” – a 5-part stunt race series specially made for Dune rally trucks. During the races a lot of laughing and swearing could be heard from Discord’s voice chat with some trucks occasionally exploding in the background. So I’m glad everyone liked them. To let the steam out after racing, we had a fun and colorful Dune sumo in the sky above the Vespucci Beach.

Now, once more – drum rolls! The overall winner of the playlist by a huge margin turned out to be Roofstone! Congratulations! You’re without doubt the best truck driver in the crew.


Huge thanks for joining the event, Mattiejas, Jeffrey, Roofstone, Dr. Insane, Chevilles, Reacher, Threepwood, Heggizen, Lorsch, Greymalkyn and everyone else I forgot to mention. Special thanks to Mathilya, who also served the sleepless with self-created truck race as a dessert. I hope everyone had a nice time and we can repeat some of the jobs during future events.

The image gallery is below. Additionally, you can enjoy Mattiejas’s Twitch stream.


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4 thoughts on “Truck fest: who was the most adept lorry driver?

  • mathilya

    Well, you forgot me when mentioning players who joined event 😛 But I guess your intention was to do it in following sentence, so I won’t complain 😉

  • mattiejas

    Great job with the preparations, the hosting, the report, and with the wonderful shots you made in the Rockstar editor afterwards. You’ve really excellently captured the feeling of the event.

    And thanks for including some of my screenshots & snaps as well – even though yours are much nicer. 😀 I’m especially honoured that you decided to go for my snap for the highlighted picture!

    I’d say, this theme is definitely up for repetition.