Monthly Archives: April 2018

Offroad party! 2
Today, on Sunday, our crew is going to meet in the wilderness of San Andreas, with our offroad vehicles that we deem best suited for this difficult terrain. First, we’ll have a quick showdown with those. After that, we’re going to explore our environment for a bit, to see who […]

Offroad event later today (Sunday)

Once more we had a fantastic party, this time around the hitman theme! Last week Thursday, we all assembled at Humane Labs in our hitman themed outfits. Thanks to everyone for joining: mike, sotnoose, threep, reacher, myassar, rochen, doozle, nop, vill3m, mattie, mathilya, heggi, venjamin, and special guest jhettinger. Additionally, […]

Hitman: Who Was The Most Silent Assassin?

For two long weeks, we lived in fear of being falsely banned by developer of our beloved game. Nevertheless, longing for our weekly crew events appeared to be stronger than anytime before! And as the title says, the show went on. This time, at some point we had 20 members […]

The show must go on – we are back!

The show must go on.
One thing is certain. The developer of our beloved game once more lost a good number of reputation points by banning, unbanning and re-banning innocent players. We find ourselves in a strange and insecure situation, forcing us to avoid public sessions. However, this cannot stop us from having crew events. […]

The show must go on… this Thursday