Hitman Agent 47 is coming to Los Santos!

Hitman Agent 47 is coming to Los Santos this Tuesday! 2

For our next party, this Tuesday at 9pm CET as usual, we have a special Hitman event in mind. Originally, @nopitch submitted this theme a long while ago. However, with many people in the crew recently enjoying Hitman, the time is ripe to bring Agent 47 to Los Santos. So, please dress up as your favourite character from the Hitman series. This time, we will assemble at the Humane Labs, which comes closest in spirit to Dr. Ort-Meyer’s asylum, where Agent 47 was spawned, for an outfit voting contest.

From there, we might helicopter to our sniper nest at the top of the Maze Bank for another group picture. Following that, we could do a SWAT versus Hitman team challenge, similar to what we did at our hide and seek party (since that was a blasting success!). Depending on what we want and how many we are, we may only do one run. So, please give it some consideration if you’d like to volunteer to play Hitman, or one of his bodyguards (Diane, father Vittorio, and why not Carlton Smith?).

Then, we will continue with a playlist consisting of sniper and stealth themed jobs. Although occasionally, things go wrong though and Agent 47 must go on a rampage. So it might not be entirely stealthy. 😉

If you have any special ideas for freemode or for the playlist, please do share them with me. As always, I look forward to see you all there tomorrow for the party!

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