Celebrate spring this Sunday! 1

Spring is finally in full swing! Singing birds behind windows wake us up too early in the morning. Parks and gardens have turned into seas of blossoming spring flowers. Warm sun, shining through curtains, makes it hard to concentrate on work. Well, actually the forecast promises hot summer temperatures for this weekend, so it’s about time we locked ourselves in our rooms and joined GTA Online friends in celebration of spring 2018.

This Sunday, at 9 p.m. CEST, find some vernal wearables from your digital wardrobe, dust off your most colorful car and drive to the meeting point at Two Hoots Falls. Springtime waterfalls are very powerful, so you wouldn’t want to miss out that picturesque sight. There we will have our traditional “Swag of the week” contest and hopefully we can meet some new recruits.

After that we are going to work in the farms of Grapeseed and do some plowing in rally cars. If we also manage to mow the grass then we can end the crew party with a fun football match.

See you at the party, folks!

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