Birthday boys and girls.

Crew birthday: who was the most ethical party animal?

To celebrate the crew’s third birthday, we assembled last week Saturday for a grant theft crew party! Thanks to all for joining: jeff, rochen, mattiejas, insane, mike, doozle, reacher, exar, threep, mathilya, villem, grey, and dakshaa! And special mention for dakshaa for joining the crew straight from the twitch livestream.

To begin with, we assembled at the pier for a group photo. Eventually we managed to shoot our group picture, despite the cops also wanting to celebrate the birthday. To continue, we went on the fun ride, where reacher sadly missed the ride. Fortunately, this did not prevent reacher from “riding” the track, to hilarious entertainment of all. We rounded off the freemode part with an impromptu race to the casino, won by reacher. This earns reacher a swag of the week title!

Following, we started our crew themed playlist. To begin with, we enjoyed roofstone’s high-octane vanilla track, won by mathilya, with jeffrey in second place. Thereafter, we had a few rounds of villem’s colorful custom sumo job. After that, jeffrey’s duel race was on the menu, where once more mathilya took the lead, once more ahead of jeffrey. For a change of scenery, we raced in bikes in doozle’s fun run at the beach. Surprisingly, yet again mathilya took the lead, just ahead of jeffrey.

So as to change the pace a bit, we continued with kassz’s one-on-one boxing match, where insane took his team to the win. Another race followed, this time a great offroad race over the mountains created by villem. Finally, jeffrey took the lead here, with mike in an impressive second place. To vent ourselves, we played madred’s warzone deathmatch. There, mike took his team to the win. Gloozy’s country trip followed, again won by jeffrey, with myself in second place. As always, angry birds had to be had. Next, we raced some more with mathilya’s brilliant tarmac or gravel race, again won by jeffrey. Lastly, we played a round of bowling.

A huge congratulations to jeffrey for winning the playlist, with an impressive lead, at 153 points. Doozle took the 2nd place, and grey and mike ended up tied in 3rd place. Sadly, mathilya disconnected during the playlist yet with a really good score throughout, so his final score will forever remain a mystery.

Evidently, the livestream is in the usual place, with apologies for the missing discord audio due to a windows update messing with my settings. Finally, you can also enjoy the pictures below!

Without doubt, you’ve all been amazing in these last three years. Indeed, when I clicked that “create new crew” button on social club three years ago, never had I imagined for this crew to rise and grow to what it has become today. For the same reason, I look forward eagerly to the truly fantastic experiences that lie in the next three years ahead!

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