The ETCL World Cup is starting today!

The World Cup starts at Thursday, but we can’t wait for it. The tournament in ETCL is going to start today, at 21:00 CEST. Go visit any clothes shop for some nice outfits of your football national team. We are going to assembly at University of San Andreas sports venue. As you probably know, footballers are very rich persons, who drive the most luxury and expensive vehicles in the world. In this case, feel free to bring your own supercar as well.

This time, there will be no playlist. Depending on amount of players, we are going to split in teams and compete with each other on the same map. General rules:

  • We all join a job. Team balance will be off, so please join the teams we established before the first whistle ;) The team which is going to specate, splits up evenly between 2 teams.
  • If there will be uneven amount of players, one team can pick one of spectators to join them (thanks to Mattie for suggesting that)
  • A single match ends when one team scores 2 goals
  • Do not get out from your vehicles. In case of draw and accidental kill, team with the latter is going to win
  • In case of draw, unfortunately, there will be no extra-time; instead of that, game will randomly decide who is the winner
  • The job used for playing a match can be found here

If you have further suggestions, please share them with me via Discord PM or comment beneath this post. Finally, thanks to everyone who completed a doodle and hope to see you there, fellow footballers!

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