Bob the builder drilling in Los Santos.

Bob the builder party: can we fix Los Santos?

And we’re on for another crew party tomorrow, at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we will re-enact the antics of Bob the Builder! So, let us rediscover our inner constructor. To match the theme, please come as Bob, Wendy, Mr. Bentley, Spud, or any other character from or related to the series. Be sure to bring along your construction vehicles.

For assembling, we can join at the Mile High Club for an outfit and vehicle vote. After a traditional group picture on top of the construction crane, we shall do a dump truck race to the Redwood Lights Track. Therefore, if you have a dump truck, please be sure to bring it along. If you do not, no worries, there is sufficient room in the back. For the playlist, I have planned a variety of Bob worthy fixing jobs around town. If you have any suggestions, just send them my way over discord or over social club.

Finally, thanks to everyone for completing the doodle. I look forward to see everyone there!

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