Monthly Archives: July 2018

Three days after its release, Ethical Retinue celebrated the newest DLC in so called, Night Life Party. Thanks to everyone who joined: Doozle, Roof, Exar, Armin, Villem, Jeff, Reacher, Rochen, Lorsch, also to our guests: Quiomi and Memo. The meet and the party We assembled at the parking lot near […]

Night life party – an inevitable hangover

In the city of Los Santos it’s really hard to find any shade of cuteness. But Ethical Retinue crew members once again proved that nothing is impossible. This time, Roof, Amorphis, Geg, Myst, Threep, Chevi, Doozle, Grey, Jeff, Witt, Mattie, Reacher, Sotnoose, Villem, Patrick, Raddest, Rochen, Termi, Dr.Insane and myself […]

Cutest party ever – pink & tiny is beautiful!

Bob the builder and his friends. 2
Did Bob the Builder ever tell you that procrastination is his middle name? As the saying goes, better late than never, and so here’s finally a brief party report on our Bob the Builder party from about 3 weeks ago. Thanks to all for joining: dr insane, vill3m, mattie, reacher, […]

Bob the builder: have we fixed it?

It’s certain that GTA is a game which does not abound in cuteness. However, this Wednesday, at 21:00 CEST we’ll try to prove differently. We’re going to find out that even in soulless and mean Los Santos there is still some place for pinkness and enchanting creatures like us! 😛 […]

Get ready for the cutest party ever!