Gopniks, unite! Slavic culture days coming to Los Santos 1

First of all, sorry for the late announcement yesterday. Turned out it wasn’t such a brilliant idea to fix the party time with only a few hours left for the notice. Anyway, don’t worry, I’ve moved the party to this week with a few minor changes to the concept.

This Wednesday, July 18, log in by 21.00 CEST, find some clothes for the best gopnik impression and drive your mighty Cheburek to Davis Mega Mall‘s parking lot in South Los Santos. There we’ll put up a crazy Slavic party and also have a traditional Swag of the Week outfit contest.

Having degustated enough (read: way too much) vodka, it is time to warm up the engines. We will head out to the city for a hot pursuit to show others what those Chebureks are made of. The event is going to be similar to the the Cops vs Robbers event, where one player tries to run away and others have to catch him/her. Only this time the runner sits in a modern, tastefully modified econobox and others in their personal Chebureks.


The runner gets a 10-second head start, after what other players have 5 minutes to chase him/her down . The round is over after the pursuers have kept the runner immobile for 10 seconds. Then another player jumps in the runaway car and the chase starts all over. Player who’s been able to escape for the longest time, becomes the winner of the event.

Our playground will only be the city of Los Santos. We’ll stay out of the countryside, highways, underground tunnels, train tracks and the airport. Runner who breaks this rule, has 10 seconds to get back to the streets of Los Santos.

Although real gopniks may carry pistols or baseball bats, we will do our best not to harm anyone with them. If you’re going to be late to the party then don’t worry as the competition only takes place in freemode session (invite only).

If you have any suggestions, head over to event-planning section on Discord. There is no playlist planned but we can still organize an after party for the sleepless. Special thanks to Mathilya, Ynostan, Jeffrey and others who still showed up on Sunday and helped me find a better runaway vehicle and improve the rules.

See you at the party, tovarishes!


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