Go green!

Let’s go green and save the planet this Monday!

And we’re on for yet another crew event: this time we shall go green! Indeed, in these hot times with boiling summers and heated debates around climate change, the Ethical Retinue will try to do its part to save the planet. Thanks to mathilya for setting up the doodle, and everyone for completing it. Accordingly, tomorrow at 9pm CEST, we will assemble at RON Alternates Wind Farm.

For the voting contest, please bring your electric vehicles, bicycles, and trikes, along with your greenest outfits. For the playlist, we will enjoy a range of environmentally themed jobs. If you have any suggestions, please post them on discord, or send me a personal message. For the after party, we might do some group speed-yoga (aka disco dancing) and enjoy some healthy natural drinks at the local nightclub.

If you who want to go the final stretch, turn down those graphics options to burn less energy on your graphics card, and enjoy the game in an environmentally friendly potato mode. 😛

I look forward to see everyone there!

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