Party animals: chicken.

Party animals event tonight: join the jungle of GTA!

Once more, we’re on for a crew party, tonight at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we’ll act out as party animals. So, equip those masks and practice those dance moves, because we’re gonna get wet and wild! And please be sure bring sufficient animal transports and jungle jeeps. We will conveniently re-imagine the jungle of Los Santos city in the bushes close to the intersection of the La Puerta and Olympic freeways, next to Puerto Del Sol station.

Once we’ve voted on the wildest jungle beast, we’ll continue for a group picture at the Strawberry nightclub. There, everyone can show off their craziest monkey moves. Finally, we’ll end the evening with a playlist of animal themed jobs.

Thanks to all for completing the doodle, and I look forward to see everyone there!

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