Party animals on the dance floor.

Who were the wildest party animals of the night? 1

And we had another enjoyable crew event. First, thanks to all party animals for joining: doozle, roof, alex, mattie, villem, mrleak, reacher, donradkos, raddest, jeff, raijin, quiomi, dr insane, and rg. Also thanks to mathilya for following along on twitch. Once more, good times were had!

To start off, we assembled with our outfits and vehicles in the jungle of Los Santos for a voting contest. Here, raijin and jeffrey showed most swag, with no less than 7 votes each, with new member donradkos and myself in close second place. Consequently, this earns raijin and jeffrey a swag of the week title on discord. Congratulations, both!

Party animals: swags of the week.

To find out which of us animals could fly, we enjoyed a “group ride” on the latest scramjet, with accidental bodily damage. To continue, raijin drove us in the party bus to roof’s party club. Props to raijin also for the great driving. He kept one party speaker on the bus. He also waited patiently for any animals failing to follow health and safety instructions to duck for bridges. Upon arrival, we took a group picture on the dance floor. Then, we moved up to the bar for champagne and free drinks as a treat from our host, roofstone.

We then kicked off the playlist, with a variety of animal themed jobs: a cheetah grand prix, mamba derby, mathilya’s pink panther race, a tank deathmatch suggested by villem, a chihuahua obstacle race on bikes, a mouse grand prix in compacts, villem’s pest control capture, a speedy gazelle grand prix, and a game of angry birds to finish it off.

Impressively, roofstone won the playlist, with 132 points, no less than 37 points ahead of jeffrey with 95 points in 2nd place, and villem in 3rd place with 78 points. Congratulations! This earns roofstone a party animal of the week title on discord.

As always, you can find some pictures below. Sadly, my shadowplay recording glitched out, so I do not have high quality screenshots from during the playlist. However, the livestream is on twitch in the usual place. Enjoy!

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