Group parodies of crew member cepa.

Parodies party this Sunday

It’s time for another crew event! This time, mathilya has kindly agreed to host a parodies party, tomorrow (Sunday) at 9pm CEST as usual. To meet up, we plan to assemble at mathilya’s Eclipse Towers apartment. Please make sure to dress appropriately as one of the crew members. Whatever you do, do not come as yourself! If you can, you may also bring the crew member’s favorite vehicle. For the cherry on the cake, have some quotes ready from the player that you are parodying. If you need to find out how a specific player is dressing, enter the pause menu, go to friends, and then highlight the player you wish to recreate.

For the playlist, we will mostly stick to crew jobs. If you have any suggestions for the playlist and/or for freemode, be sure to let mathilya know over direct messages or on the events planning channel on discord. I look forward to see everyone there!

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