Parodies party – who is who? 2

Since the crew was founded, we had many hilaroius events. But for the first time ever, Ethical Retinue members parodied each other. That resulted in many confusions, funny situations and general amusement.

The meet

We assembled in Mattie’s apartment at Rockford Hills. Many familiar faces arrived, but there was something strange… their nicknames weren’t matching their typical appearance. And so, after brief debate we agreed that Jeffstone, Reamon, Dr. Jeffrey, AmorDoo, Rooftiejas, Quiorphis, Reaffrey, Mr.Gekoon, Dr.Threep, Jefftiejas, Mathillem, Threepex and Doothilya arrived (???). We went on obligatory sightseeing tour around bathroom. Then, we moved outside to nearby parking lot, to show off our vehicles. Classic outfit voting contest followed, won by me.


We jumped to the playlist and started with Roof’s head-on collission race, which as expected, abounded in many crashes. In the middle of the chaos, Quiomi was the first to cross the finish line. Next, Villem’s sumo in Dunes LTS, with treacherous heroes (a.k.a. gas tanks) and surprising deaths. We continued with Jeff’s old race around hills, which I managed to win. Things got more intense with MadRed’s truck capture, which quickly turned into explosive deathmatch between 2 teams and police squad. The real deathmatch in Kortz Center followed. Due to the fact it was created by me, it reminded more of positional war, but props to Alex for scoring most kills. Then, we raced in Honki’s soul-eating uphill bicycle race, won by Roof. Next up, Mike’s quick melee LTS, Mattie’s angry pirates explosion feast with postman Jeff delivering most jars of rum. Finally, my trackmania styled race, won by its creator.

I managed to win the playlist, just 1 point ahead of Roof and tied on 3rd place Quiomi and Jeff. Thank you: Roof, Emon, Dr.Insane, Doozle, Mattie, Quiomi, Reacher, Geg, Threep, Jeff, Villem, Alex for making this event crazy with acting like members you parodied. Also thanks to Mike for joining briefly. The party recording can be found here and party pictures, provided by Mattie and Jeff are below. Enjoy!

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