Car theft city 3 this Friday 1

It’ll be a busy week for Ethical Retinue; the votes are counted and this Friday the 14th we’ll start our celebration to the sweet sweet crime of Grand Theft Auto.  We’ll be meeting on foot in the ghetto for the traditional two starting challenges before moving on to the delivery zone. Make sure you come dressed incognito and ready to blend in and skulk through the streets looking for your next big payout! More info, the rules, and the list™ will be posted in the coming two days. For now sit and prepare yourselves for our state-wide evening of crime, violence, and debauchery.

If you so wish you can view the old livestreams here and here to get some measure of what this is all about, or just to refresh your memory and enjoy the good times.

Here’s looking forward to seeing you all there!


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