Car theft city 3: vehicle list and points

Hope you’re all ready and rearing to go! A lot of the standard vehicles are carry overs, but there is a lot of new stuff to feast your eyes on. This time around the list is biggest than ever and with the in-event challenges (That will be revealed as they become active) there are over 150 possible points to get! So make sure you work hard and work together, and of course, work against your opposing teams. You don’t want them to get too big a lead, do you? 😉

Without much fluff, here is the list of things to steal from the poor people of San Andreas tonight!

Coloured Vehicles (1 point each)

These can be combined with the misc vehicles (excluding the exponential series) and the character vehicles. For example a red open air car.

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow

You also get a bonus five points if you complete each colour.

Emergency vehicles (1 point each)

  • Police car
  • Ambulance
  • Fire truck

Misc Vehicles (1 point each)

  • Open-air car (convertible or not)
  • Motorbike (sport)
  • Chopper
  • Phoenix
  • Futo
  • Sultan
  • Patriot

Mist Vehicles (2 points each)

  • Tractor
  • Blazer
  • Caddy
  • Bus
  • Infernus
  • Banshee

Misc Vehicles. Introducting: The exponential series! (3 points each)

A newcomer this time around, it is the exponential vehicles. For every one of these you as a group deliver at once, you get double points. Say you bring me a boat, you will get 3 points. Bring me two boats, and you will get 6 points. Bring me three boats, and you will get 12 points! These are one time deliveries only, so make sure you maximise return of investment. You do not get a second chance to bring in more. They must be delivered together as a team.

  • Boat
  • Construction
  • Truck (with separate trailer)
  • Armored transport

Introducing: Special Orders! (10 points each)

A newcomer this time around, the special orders are group deliveries. Just barely worth less than the exponential series, these are group projects that award a whopping 10 whole points if you complete them! These vehicles must be delivered together, you can not have one person getting you one vehicle at a time.

  • The Presidential Escort: One stretch limo, two Declasse FIB cars.
  • The Merryweather Convoy: One military Barracks truck, two escort vehicles.
  • The Downtown Convoy: Three mules, no repeating liveries! All three must have a different appearance.
  • The Lowrider Meet: Any combination of three from the Buccaneer, Primo, Sabre, Tornado, or Voodoo.

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