Emblem party: a most ethical celebration! 6

As the emblem vote came to a close, this called for a grand celebration!

Thanks to all for joining: threep, alex, doozle, dr insane, geg, jeff, tilly, mattie, quiomi, reacher, roof, villem, and abdukov. To begin with, we started with an angelic meeting at Vespucci beach. After showing some friendly lost cops the way out of the beach area, we continued with the main event. To kick off, mattie expressed his huge thanks on behalf of the entire crew to villem’s amazing work, well beyond the call of duty. Indeed, applause from all followed!

Next, we continued with a voting contest. Undoubtedly, honourable mention goes to quiomi for a most ethical tattoo, reacher and threep for matching underwear, tilly for flying so high we could no longer find him, and alex and roof for a superb impression of the emblem lady. However, the swag went to mattie, i.e. me: thanks for that, everyone! The celebration went on with watching princess bubblegum on the telly at the White Angel yacht, among other debauchery. Finally, we moved to the facility for a group emblem picture.

On this occasion, for the playlist, we started with gloozy’s country trip, jeffrey’s duel super car race, and madred’s lover’s quarrel. After carving hearts in the desert on our bikes, we demonstrated our panto skills in kassz’s race. After that, a game of bowling followed. By and large, alex showed amazing skill in leading his team to the win with unlikely odds of 1 against 3, starting from the top, earning him a guardian angel of the week title on discord. Following, we descended gracefully as angels from the clouds in tilly’s lawnmower race. We then continued with roof’s hotring race. Lastly, we ended with a lovely parachute jump into the city, where villem defied gravity using the most cleverest of routing. This time, roof nearly won the playlist, only to be overtaken at the last minute by tilly, earning tilly an ethical angel of the week title. Well done both!

All in all, I really enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and wide participation. Certainly, I already look forward to our next party! To keep the good memories, you can find some pictures below. Evidently, the recording can be seen on twitch as usual. Henceforth, thank you all so much once more!

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