Lowrider meeting this Sunday 2

Back in 20th October of 2015, a Lowrider Update was released. Many interesting vehicles were added to the game, as well as famous car workshop, also known as Benny’s Original Motor Works, not mentioning new missions for Lamar Davis. And so, almost three years after this event, we are going to recollect good old memories, when Los Santos wasn’t infested with flying cars and weaponized vehicles were available only via Pegasus.

Party’s going to start between 21:10 and 21:30 CEST on Sunday, 07 X. We are going to assemble at aforementioned Benny’s. Make sure to bring your swaggiest-looking lowrider there. If you don’t owe one, you can steal it from the street, or buy – here is a list of original vehicles released with the update. Make sure to make it your personal vehicle – insure it and equip a transmitter, so you can find it on the map. In clothes shops, you’ll find many outfits matching party’s theme. After classic contest for best car+outfit, we are going to do something special – a hide and seek game. Rules are following:

  1. We all start simultaneously. Drive outside Benny’s parking lot and go off the radar – either by activating CEO secret organization or calling Lester. You can combine both. Hide your car somewhere around southern Los Santos area. Remember, it must be possible to drive this car back to Benny’s, so it can’t be stuck on builidings roofs or stuffed in tight alleys. If you don’t have CEO abilities, I will help you.
  2. For this time, I will ask you to turn off your radar (pause menu -> settings -> screen -> Radar-> Off). This should maximize chances of not seeing your hidden car before game starts and make it fair
  3. Go back to Benny’s
  4. Give everyone access to your personal vehicle (interaction menu -> vehicle -> access -> everyone)
  5. And we start a challenge. You can turn on your radar. Finding a vehicle and delivering it to Benny’s will score you a point. You are not allowed to bring your personal lowrider
  6. You are allowed to hijack other player’s vehicle, but without use of any weapon
  7. Player with most successful deliveries wins!

Map with area you are allowed to hide your vehicles can be seen below – but simply saying, it is limited by highway on from north and west, and storm drain from south and east. Basically, you are not allowed to cross any bridge or drive under highway 😉 Purple dot marks the starting location.

In case we finish this game faster than expected, I’ll prepare a short playlist. If you have any further suggestions on what shall we do in the freemode or questions, feel free to PM me via Social Club or Discord. Thanks to everyone for completing a doodle, and special gratitude goes to Mattie for providing featured image. See you tomorrow!

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