Ready ricer!

Ricing ricers uniting tonight: show off your junk! 1

And we’re on for a ricers party this evening, at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, a suggestion from @cellscape inspired the theme. Accordingly, we shall all assemble with our favourite rice car at the Vinewood Bowl parking lot in the North East of Los Santos city. Be sure to bring your modded junk for some special challenges. Indeed, we all compete in the following categories: rice swagging, rice grabbing, rice ricing, rice drifting, and rice bowling. Finally, we will end the evening with some crew races. However, to see who can rice with most style, we shall leave customs enabled! It won’t be about speed, but it will all be about style.

As always, I look forward to see you all tonight. If you have any suggestions for the playlist or for freemode activities, do discuss on discord in the events planning channel. Godspeed, and ricer out!

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