Executive Hot Lap Meeting Tomorrow Night! 1

And we’re on for some hot laps tomorrow! Usually in a race, it is all about finishing at the top. So what if we throw in a twist and see who can get the best lap time instead? Tomorrow night, finishing the race first only matters if the best lap time is achieved as the real winner for each race will be who gets the best lap time. We will be sorting by best lap time in this playlist and scoring like any other playlist so 15 points for best lap time, 12 points for second best lap time and so on.

The results will be tallied up at the end and posted for all to see. The usual points you get in a playlist for finishing 1st, 2nd and so on will only be used as a tie breaker. There will be ten races with five laps each. Courses will be relatively short for the sake of time. We will use no customs and non-contact since the focus is getting the best lap time possible. So even if someone gets a DNF but has the best lap time, they are still the true winner of the race.

Before the playlist, the party will start tomorrow night, October 19th at 8:30pm CEST, a bit earlier than usual. We will assemble at a hangar in LSIA where the dress code is business attire. Let’s dress up as executives, CEOs and such and bring your fancy luxury vehicles along. We will do the usual voting and photo shoots before we dive into the races. Hope to see you then!

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