Halloween 2018 party this Wednesday 2

While digging around in the archives I realized that Halloween parties have already become crew traditions. Well, sort of. As per popular voting our third Halloween event will take place this Wednesday, October 31. Around 21:00 CET we will gather at my La Mesa nightclub before moving on together. Come dressed as a scary monster, your favourite fictional character or a sexy raccoon, it’s all up to your imagination. Halloween stuff is on sale again so finding a good costume shouldn’t break anyone’s neck. As always, best outfits will be awarded with traditional Discord title.¬†When there’s enough booze flowing in our blood streams, it’s a good time to go out for some trick-or-treating. The evening will end with a special Halloween themed playlist. I look forward to seeing everyone at the party.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween 2018 party this Wednesday

  • mattiejas

    Thanks for taking the lead to orchestrate this year’s iteration of our Halloween event, Villem! Much obliged. I look forward to another really fun, spooky, and exciting party!! Lovely picture by the way. I think I hear the werewolves howling already… ;)

  • _Kassz_

    Sorry, I can’t join you there and it’s too late for 9:00.
    But I would have liked to join you tonight ;)
    to say hello and wish you a happy Halloween!
    I’m going to try to pass anyway ;)