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Bumba the clown party report: happy friendly fun!

Once more we had a lovely event! Thanks to all happy clowns for joining the party: quiomi, myst, villem, tilly, mike (welcome back!), mattie, reacher, and donradkos.

To entertain the kids (ourselves included), everyone started showing off their coolest tricks. Quiomi showed how to stand on one wheel with a BMX. Tilly danced in her tank. Myst hopped like a bunny, faster than light. Reacher showed us how a real clown looks like. Mike demonstrated his awesome seesaw. Vill drove his BMX with no hands. And mattie finished off with the happiest of undressings ever. With the most votes, quiomi, villem, and mike gain a swag of the week title. At the 2nd place, also both myst and tilly get special bunny and tank dancer of the week titles. Well done all!

We continued with a playlist consisting of a variety of crew and non-crew jobs. There, an exciting battle between mike, myst, and mattie, for the first place took place. In the end however, mike took the win, earning him a player of the week title. Congratulations mike! You’re our sweetest clown of the week. What a way to come back into GTA Online.

The livestream is on twitch as usual, and you can also find a few pictures below. Thanks again everyone for the great fun! I already look forward to the next event.

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