The New Year party celebration

Here it was, the first party in 2019. Dr.Insane, Grey, Roof, Doozle, Myst, Villem, Threep, Reacher and myself gathered together to celebrate the newly started year.

We assembled at Mount Josiah peak, with our sleigh-looking vehicles and flashy outfits. Some of us had problems to climb up slippery ridges, but thanks to our prodigious driving skills, we managed to reach the summit. Snowballs and atomizer rounds began to fly around the area. In these unusual conditions outfit+vehicle voting contest took place. And so, first Swag of the Week titles in this year went to Villem, Dr.Insane and myself.

Amazing firework show followed, accompanied by laser beams from new weapons. The sky around Mount Josiah was illuminated like never before. Then, we slided down the mountain on our sleighs. Unfortunately, some trees decided to grow up on our path which resulted in many collisions and tree huggings. After that, we moved to Doozle’s snowball deathmatch, in which Myst managed to get 5 kills in 10 minutes. That gives him “Snowball of the Week” title on Discord. Finally, we competed in a short snowy race, with shot tyres. We experienced amazing rally experience, which felt like surfing on ice with soap block. In these extreme conditions, Myst was the first to cross the finish line, ahead of Villem and myself.

Thank you all very much for coming and making the opening of Anno Domini 2019 so cheerful. Special thanks to Roof, Threep and Doozle for suggesting what shall we do on event. Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to Threep for providing some photos. Happy New Year to everybody and see you on the next crew party!

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