Race Wars event this Tuesday

As of today, there are 282 cars in GTA Online. Some of them are fast, some are beautiful, some are ridiculous. Usually, the fastest ones bring the victory. But this Tuesday, at 21:00 CET we’ll battle for the first place not individually, but with teams. And that’s is why our next crew event is called “Race Wars”.

We’ll assemble at Rebel Radio headquarters in Grand Senora Desert. Bring your craziest racing outfits, along with your favourite race car. Yes, you can bring small, but brave Faggio too! Depending on time, we can have classic outfit voting contest.

Now the most important part of this post – event rules and cars, so please read carefully!

  • Before starting a playlist, I’ll divide you into teams – depending on amount of players, I predict that teams will consist of 3, 4 or 5 players. I’ll do my best to make balanced teams. If you have any objections on that, we can draw teams using pots,
  • There are eight tracks in the playlist – on each of them we will be racing with different car class – Super, Sport, Sport Classic, Bike, Muscle, Sport Rally (placed in Sport class), Coupe and Utility,
  • Before start of each race, I will type via in-game chat which vehicles are available for the race – that list can be also seen below. Every teammate must take different car from mentioned, so each team will be racing with the same set of cars.
  • Violating rule above will result in penalty in the form of dividing scored points in the race by 2 (for one member, not whole team),
  • In order to maximize amount of time to decide what vehicle each player picks, after choosing a vehicle, please don’t press “ready” button on bets screen – as doing so can set timer to 10 seconds and consequently make time for decision much shorter. Just choose a car, press ready and on bets screen don’t press anything. Of course, while in lobby timer will be extended. We should have total of 90 seconds to decide which car to pick + potential 60 seconds on vehicle-pick screen,
  • Race settings – non-contact, custom vehicles off, weather clear, daytime noon,
  • In case of uneven teams, arithmetic mean will be calculated as overall team score,
  • Race playlist can be found here.
List of cars, depending on team number

We already had events heavily car-themed: Car Theft City, Hot Lap, Lowriders. Let’s call it continuation of these good times. If you have any further suggestions, feel free to contact me over Discord or SC. Finally, thanks to everyone who completed a doodle and special ones to Mattie for providing featured image. Start your engines and see you at the event!

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