Time for Valentine!

If only Valentine could last forever: party report

Yet another fantastic crew party has been had! Thanks everyone for joining: threep, doozle, tilly, jeff, villem, quiomi, reacher, sal, and mattie. To start, we assembled at the graffiti boat on the beach. There, villem brought a special, and very dedicated, girlfriend. Unfortunately, she had to leave us as she appeared to have some more work to do in Los Santos. Next, we shared the love as we arranged our cars into a heart shape, for a unique Valentine group photo.

Spreading love on the beach of Los Santos

We continued our adventure at the yacht for some pleasant drinks. After thoroughly enjoying Tracy’s fantastic performance on the television, we had our usual outfit contest. This time, our vote had a twist: we all went in couples! Amazingly, after a really exciting voting round, all couples ended up tied. This made it the first time that all attendants managed to be swag of the week. Pink will rule our discord this week!

We continued with a fun and exciting love themed playlist. Things remained hot with a tight fight for the first place of the playlist. But in the end, Villem came out on top. Congratulations! This earns Villem a “Valentine of the week” title on discord.

Thanks again everyone for joining. I hope you all had a great time. If you want to see a recording of the party, you can head over to twitch in the usual place. As always, you can find some pictures below too. I already look forward to our next crew adventure!

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