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A thousand is a nice number. Can be expressed in Roman numeral: M, Arabic numeral: 1000, also as binary number: 1111101000. I managed to reach level one thousand in GTA Online. And so, Doozle, Villem, Jeff, Threep, Witt, Sal, Reacher, Mattie and myself celebrated such nice anniversary. We met at […]

Thousand levels later… a celebration

When in December 2015 I started to play GTA Online for good, I never thought that one day I’d reach level one thousand. Doing so proves that GTA Online is just an addicting game, in which people can spend a lot of time, enjoying their time with other players. On […]

Millennial celebration this Thursday

GTA III was our first great 3D open world GTA game developed by Rockstar in 2001. Indeed, with nostalgia, people born in the 90s spent their childhood playing the game, passing difficult missions, discovering Easter eggs and secrets. If you played GTA III then I am certain that you have […]

Nostalgia: GTA III party this Thursday

No doubt, J. K. Rowling bewitched the entire world with her Harry Potter novel. Last Thursday, Sonic, Jeff, Witt, Doozle, Mattie, Mike, Reacher, Sal, Threep, Villem, Viridian, Grey and myself gathered in Los Santos to recreate events from aforementioned books. We assembled at location which reminds Privet Drive the most, […]

Harry Potter looks for some magic in San Andreas