Balance for better: find your inner feminist this Thursday

With international women’s day coming up this Friday, let’s try do our part to help raising awareness, and challenge the bias and stereotypes that still pervade through a lot of our society. Therefore, we invite all feminists to assemble this Thursday around 9pm CET as usual, at Los Santos City Hall.

We will try to ascend onto the terraced roof of the building for a group picture. If time permits, we may also do a voting contest for whom represents the best feminist rebel. To do so, you can come as either a male or a female character. Indeed, the only requirement is to try to bring out your inner feminist.

We will continue the event with a protest march around the city. Be sure to bring your personal protest vehicles. Should we be so unfortunate to be disturbed by our not so peaceful doughnut loving friends from downtown, we will be sure to confront the gender imbalance at the Los Santos police force!

To end, we will do our usual playlist. If you have any suggestions, be sure to leave a comment, or to leave a message in our #event-planning channel on discord. I look forward to see everyone there!

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