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Get ripped: muscle car meet this Thursday 1

Arena Wars update may not have been the big DLC everyone was waiting for. Muscle car enthusiasts, however, can be quite happy with some of the new content released with the update. Perhaps the biggest change is that every car in muscle class can now do wheelies. In addition to that, the update introduced us a great number of new, good looking, albeit strangely handling, gas guzzlers.

Since the draggy drip feed period is finally over, it is time for a nice muscle car meet. Tomorrow, March 14, at 21.00 CET, crank up the engine of your favorite muscle car and let’s gather in the parking lot of Horny’s Burgers in Mirror Park for a cars & coffee. After checking out each other’s rides, we’ll move on to the competition area where everyone’s cars will be put to the test in a numerous friendly challenges. The evening culminates with a thematic playlist.

Hope to see you all there!

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