Millennial celebration this Thursday

When in December 2015 I started to play GTA Online for good, I never thought that one day I’d reach level one thousand. Doing so proves that GTA Online is just an addicting game, in which people can spend a lot of time, enjoying their time with other players. On March, 20th, during Trash Truck setup, my level counter indicated 1000. And that is an obvious reason to celebrate.

We’ll start the event at the place where it all started – Los Santos International Airport arrivals terminal. Come dressed up like you would to go to the party. Or, if you want an extra challenge, try to recreate my character’s look (no plastic surgery required). Bring your favourite car too. But if you bring your Progen T20 or Canis Kamacho, party host will be even more pleased!

Following those ideal racing lines, we’ll go to my first ever apartment – Eclipse Towers for some birthday cake and Pißwaßers. After official part, we’ll move to my nightclub for more fub=n. Then, we’ll compete in series of challenges before moving to the playlist. Planned challenges:

  • Snapmatic contest – theme and rules will be revealed during the party
  • Short GTA Online trivia
  • Search for Cheburek

Thank you for participating in a poll on Discord. This event idea won by incredible advantage over other theme suggestions. Credits for original idea go to Threepwood. Thanks for completing the doodle and I’m looking forward to see you soon!

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